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LawBreakers Review

LawBreakers Review

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LawBreakers Alpha, The Mixed Review.

This weekend a few of us in the community and around the globe got to try out Nexon & Cliff Bleszinski’s new title, Originally codenamed Project BlueStreak.


A story about …….Well…..There is a story but to be honest nobody really cared. Its more of a theme for this Arena Shooter. If anything the game relatively feels like it was created first and the story was placed in there afterwards to have it all make sense.

It came to shock the entire gaming industry when they blatantly blew off Consoles in early development. Keeping his Dev team to a industrial low 40 Employees. Cliff Goes on to state that keeping his staff small and full control of creative ideas keep the entire game on a leash and away from failure. Stating that if they ever come to console, “”We wouldn’t be able to do the port ourselves. We’d need a really great partner that could knock it out of the park, keep it 60Hz, nail the controls, and make it fantastic.” and therein lies the issue for consoles, keeping it at 60Hz or even replicating the performance that PC’s put out on the game is a literal impossibility right now due to hardware limitations until the PS4.5 and Xbox Scorpio release, which is both a year or longer away.



To reiterate something i said early. This is a game developed by Cliff Bleszinski. The Arch Creator of the entire Unreal Tournament/Championship series. The Writer and choreographer of the first 3 Gears of Wars. So it goes without saying. This game is Gory, fast paced, Vulgar language and just visually stunning. Unreal Engine 4, which plays host to alot of titles you see out now such as Ark, Rust, UT, Gears Of War has always been a homesake for alot of blockbuster titles for its flexibility to adapt to a style of gameplay you are trying to reach regardless of Genre. The map detail is extraordinary, You walk near vending machines and they actually communicate advertisements based on proximity. You walk into a dark room and the LED’s turn on and off. Simple mechanics that have been around for a long time in other titles, you also hardly notice during gameplay but its the smaller things i appreciate when games still retain these things instead of choosing to ignore them. Shooting Backwards is a thing now, yes every character was able to fire backwards while being chased.

Level Design

lawbreakers-gameplay maxresdefault


So in the Alpha there were Currently 2 maps available. Grand Canyon 2105 and Promenade. Right out the gate you can tell for the Alpha they chose 2 very Symmetrical maps nearly identical on either side regardless of teams. After numerous matches on both you can actually see that map layout certainly dictates which characters have significant advantages in combat scenarios. In Promenade you start off with 4 symmetrical hallways and 2 open streets split between 2 spawn points with a core wide open area in the center. Leaving room for alot of intense battles right in the middle of the map for the rocket, LMG classes. The Gameplay initiates the tempo depending on game type. Grand Canyon 2105 Starts off with 4 hallways separated between 2 bases leading to the middle of a oriental looking shrine ARMED WITH A BELL THAT RINGS WHEN YOU RUN INTO IT. In the end it strongly feels as if they tried to play it safe in the regard of which maps we were allowed to see, Id really want to get my hands on an uneven mirrored map. I do feel relatively cheated in that regard.




During the Alpha we were granted the privilege to play 2 gametypes. 1 of which is a simple example of Landgrab that you have see in so many titles before like Call of Duty or Halo. So we wont be reviewing that. No Shade thrown at allowing that gametype into the game though, its just so relative to modern times that if you have played ANY objective based shooter after 2010 chances are you have played Land Grab.

Battery. The newer and probably invested flagship gametypes, It starts with a empty battery cell located (usually) in the center of the map, teams must battle and escort it back to their base and hold it there for a allotted duration as it charges up, but heres the kicker! When the Battery is finally charged you must hold the battery in your base for 15 seconds YET enemies can sweep into the base and steal the battery back. Retaining the capacity that your team had for charging it the enemy team can steal it and arm it at their base, kind of rendering the question WHY THE HELL DOES IT MATTER WHERE IT SITS CHARGING? To me the gametype makes no sense in that regard, because the real game doesn’t start until it hits 100% charged for me.




Favorite Character

When you first enter the game, Its a complete clusterfuck. You have no bearing of where you are and what you are doing and zero G battles at some portions just throw you off. it takes a bit for the game to settle and understand whats going on.

Kitsune, i immediately preferred the Assasin class at the entry of the game. Her ability to zip around the map made her experience alot of fun. Also it showed me she would be damn near impossible to play on console without a sort of aim assist.


Enjoy some gameplay Footage here of us in Teamspeak.



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