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LawBreakers Review

LawBreakers Review

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Battlefield 1, EA Proves For Once Change Is Coming

Weeks ago we published an article about the speculated Battlefield 1 Beta, Boy not only was there even greater news that came from the Horizon.

Beta Coming Summer of 2016

Oddly enough even at Gamescon EA/Dice kept absolutely quiet on the Beta, EVEN DLC? WHAT NO!….. i digress. They focused more on the decision to pursue a title in this time era and what challanges they had to overcome to get this far, completely dodging beta/DLC questions along the way. Strangely unusual for EA.

Now that a TON of alpha footage has been released about the game for non accessed users to dissect, most people have a general assumption of what to expect from this game. With Summer Officially ending September 21st, that still places the beta in our expected window from our first article of previous EA Betas between August 25th- September 9th.



Titanfall 2 beta is the test piggy on server stability.

Traditionally EA has always stuck with the regular Linux based model Servers, With Titanfall 2 Beta they are implementing a series of Tests with Oracle, Azure, Windows and multiple Distros of Linux. For Once you can see through the cracks that they are actually testing and considering other options to find the best to suit them, Which isnt unusual but what is extremely unconventional is a test of this magnitude with hundreds of thousands of players around the globe. Most devs usually test on a local network and choose what works best with the system they are trying to create. This alternatively is more whats best to the players or the users who wish to host their own Servers.



The Biggest news about it all

We all remember not too long ago the Master Chief collection right? it was a great ambitious and much needed way to bring the console exclusive to its current gen, which at the time had 0. But the great thing about it was it took a handful of previous titles, threw them into 1 game with an awesome easy to navigate UI. Well not that it was difficult for PC gamers to switch games but now on all Platform Battlefield 4, Hardline and 1 will all be integrated into 1 server browser UI similar to the MCC with a whole less dependency on the web browser (thank god).

Battlefield 1 is Set to Release October 21st 2016

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