LawBreakers Review

LawBreakers Review

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Our CSGO Server is Now Live!

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LawBreakers Alpha, The Mixed Review.


This weekend a few of us in the community and around the globe got to try out Nexon & Cliff Bleszinski’s new title, Originally codenamed Project BlueStreak. LAWBREAKERS A story about …….Well…..There is a story but to be honest nobody

Battlefield 1, EA Proves For Once Change Is Coming


Weeks ago we published an article about the speculated Battlefield 1 Beta, Boy not only was there even greater news that came from the Horizon. Beta Coming Summer of 2016 Oddly enough even at Gamescon EA/Dice kept absolutely quiet on

A Dance With Wolves, Destiny: Rise Of Iron


  This Article is about the Rise of Iron Expansion, but we made it important to create the origin story for the clan here too since it tied into it. If you aren’t interested then skip down the image below.